Are You a Victim of Investment Duplication and Closet Indexing?

If you are like many Canadian investors, your RRSPs, TFSAs, personal or corporate non-registered investment portfolios may hold a number of mutual funds recommended by your financial advisor.

They may have told you that by holding a variety of mutual funds, you are well diversified and have not given it another thought (other than to make sure it is performing).

However, you may be less diversified than you think. You may own two or more Canadian mutual funds managed by different mutual fund managers, each working for different mutual fund companies. 

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FREE Book Offer For Accountants And Lawyers

Real estate, stock markets, and mutual funds have seen massive increases in the last three decades. Why?

Since interest rates last peaked in 1980, central banks have been lowering interest rates to grow the economy and increase wealth.

Over 200 years of interest rate data tell us that interest rates move in 60-year cycles. On average, 30 years up and 30 years down. These historic low-interest rates are coming to an end.

News flash. We are overdue to enter the next 30-year interest rate upcycle.

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