How Do You Recover From a Stock Market Crash?

In my book Who’s Investing Your Money?, I warned about the coming financial storm. Well, It’s here!

In it, I discussed how a typical 60/40 stock/bond or balanced mutual fund portfolio would no longer provide the long term returns you need to meet your retirement goals. Stocks will underperform, and bonds will offer very little return going forward.

For your portfolio to recover and continue to provide you with the long-term returns you have come to expect, you will need to add Alternative Asset Classes such as Private Real Estate and Private Equity to your portfolio.

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Advisor Promises

Does this sound familiar? When you first met your financial advisor, they told you they were going to personally take care of your investments. That they would monitor your portfolio.

They made promises. They promised you they would research each stock, bond or mutual fund they recommend for your portfolio. They also told you that they would make sure that if any stock, bond or mutual fund was not performing up to their expectations, they would notify you to discuss making the necessary changes.

They would call you to make recommendationsThey would discuss with you over the phone to get your agreement to make the change or meet with you in person to go over their recommendations. They promised that they would do this for each of your accounts and every time they identified that a change was necessary. Continue reading “Advisor Promises”