Ready to Sell Your Business?

Most business owners don’t have time to think too far ahead into the future. That’s because they’re busy attending to the needs of today: producing high-quality products, overseeing employees, and managing the mind-boggling number of details that go into owning a business.

If they do think about the future, it’s usually about new government regulations, how the recent elections will impact their business and perhaps new market opportunities for their products.

The truly long-term decisions, like when to sell or transition their business (not to mention how to do it), are mentally filed away under the heading, “Bridge to cross when I’ve come to it.”

But that bridge may be a lot closer than you think.

Sometimes, late at night, those thoughts come.
It’s time to move on.
Or when your spouse is begging you to take some time for a vacation.
Or the grandkids call and ask when you are coming for a visit.
For over 30 years I’ve worked with business owners and farmers to help them plan for their future.
This book was written to help business owners begin to ask the right questions about letting go and ride into the warm sunset.
I know it’s hard to think about that.
But you’re not quitting. You are entering a less busy time of your life.
You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.
Now you can dedicate more time to your favourite charity.
Mentor some up-and-coming go-getter young people.

I’ve prepared this special book just for you.

In just a few short pages, we’ll look at:

      1. some of the challenges facing business owners who want to quit working someday;
      2. what the most successful business owners are doing now; and
      3. where you can get additional help.

One of my goals is to give you ideas on how to plan for your eventual transition into retirement and have peace of mind.

It’s time. While you can still choose and make decisions.

Don’t wait too long to call, the winds of change are blowing!
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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